Re: Digital potmeter with on/off switch?

On Mon, 17 Apr 2006 21:45:08 +0000, Joerg wrote:
Hello Frank,
BTW, the typical scenario is that users search for an on/off
switch. They panic when they can't find such button ;)

Just add ON and OFF to the + and - symbols. Or one of those pictograms
that nobody understands ;-)

The old potmeter + switch worked, because it also gives the
audible click when turned CCW.

Oh, please add the little speaker that plays "tingel di dum" when
powered on, and "ta di da dom" when powered off ;)

And offer the capability to download ringtones. For a fee, of course.
Just got a cell phone. It came with six tones, all of them some weird
music stuff and all IMHO pretty disgusting. I guess kids would like this
metallica stuff. They don't even offer a simple beep in there. Arrrgh.

If at least they had that old Radio Noordzee jingle or the one from
Wolfman Jack.

I'd like to track down a .wav of that unique "ring" tone they used for
the red hot-line phone in "Our Man Flint". Or maybe it was "Dr.
Strangelove". ?:-/