Triple-Output Wall Warts

Steve Noll wrote...

Jim Thompson wrote:

Does anyone make a wall wart with dual outputs, say ±12V or ±15V?

Elpac. Digi-Key, Mouser, Allied, and Newark carry them.
Have been using their linear wall-warts for 15 years for
noise-sensitive analog test equipment. Extremely reliable,
but not cheap. The +/- 15V model (WM071-1950-D5) can be
hard to find. I use their WM113S the most. Its output
cable is shielded and connects to the power input ground
pin, very rare in a wall wart. They make some really tiny
5V switcher wall warts too.

We use triple-output wall-worts by Ault: +/-12V and +5V,
with a defacto-standard 5-pin circular DIN connector.

Actually, quite a few companies make multiple-output
wall-wort and cable-wort power supplies using this DIN
connector. Looking at a male plug, starting with pin 1
to the right: pins 1 and 2 are ground (pin 2 is in the
middle on top), and pin 3 on the left is +5. This is
the setup for the +5-only supplies. Pins 4 and 5 are
nestled to the right and left of pin 2, are - and +12V.

Although this is a common setup, but nobody offers
+/-15 instead of +/-12 in the triple-supply modules,
that I've been able to find.

A common complaint with the 5-pin DIN connector on these
wall-warts is intermittent connections as they age, or
even when new, which we traced to inferior female jacks
(one can push the split-receptacle back together, ugh!).
But the 5-pin DIN is a VERY widely-used connector, e.g.
millions for the original IBM PC keyboards, and hundred
of thousands for MIDI signaling, etc., and hopefully with
a little perseverance you can find higher-quality jacks.

Ahem, just be sure not to settle for the cheap ones!
Here are a few 5-pin DIN socket parts to consider.

manuf, part number distributor, p/n comments
------------------ ---------------- -------------
Amphenol T3359-009 Newark 16F6818 panel, circular, solder
Preh * 71206-051 Farnell 308950 panel, flange, solder
Preh 71251-050 Farnell 437396 square flange, PCB 90
Preh 71252-050 Farnell 437359 panel, flange, PCB
Deltron 650-0500 Farnell 148500 panel, circular
" Newark 69K6137
Deltron 651-0500 Farnell 1193830 same, but black
" Newark 69K6145
Deltron 630-0500 Farnell 147699 panel, flange
" Newark 69K6126
CUI, Inc SDF-50J Digi-Key CP-7050 square flange, PCB 90
CUI SD-50SN Digi-Key CP-1250 panel, flange, solder

# Some of these sockets offer a locking feature, which must
be matched with standard locking plugs.

* web-site statement: "The most popular standard for small
circular connectors for the last half of the 20th century
has been the been the German DIN standard. Created by
Preh and the Duetch Industrie Norm [DIN] in the 1950's,
the circular DIN connector spec has been accepted world-
wide as the connector of choice for industries ranging
from computers to medical electronics to pro audio."

The DIN standards are 41524, 45322, 45326, 45327 and 45329.
Does anybody know a website where these can be obtained?

- Win