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In the specs the load cells sensitivity is given "mV/V" ex: 2mV/V.

How this is translated to force sensitivity, for example: mV/grf?

A load cell sensitivity is stated in terms of its rated full scale
load. An equation for the output would be:

Eout = (Sensitivity/Full scale load) * (Excitation Voltage) * (Applied

Example Sensitivity = 2mv/V, Full Scale Load = 5 Kg, Excitation
Voltage = 10 Volts DC, Applied Load = 2.5 Kg

Eout = (2/5)* 10*2.5

Eout = 10 mV DC


Thanks Haward for the info.

Do you know if load cells/force sensors can pick up vibrations of up
to 1kHz? I can not find in the specs of the cells any info.


Two comments. A Google search on "load cell frequency response"
turned up several links to companies who said they make load cells
with a high frequency response. Only one mentioned an actual number.
That was Honeywell who said their Sensotec Model 11 can have a
frequency response up to 58 kilo hertz. Load ranges vary from 150
grams to 1000 lbs. I expect only load cells at the 150 gram end of
the range can achieve a 58 kilo hertz frequency response and there is
a drop off of the frequency response as the size of the load cell is