Re: AC mains input impedance

Don't seem to be able to get a link posted through the mail server.

Google for an article by Montoya on Power Line Communications.
Theres a nice graph showing impedance ranges measured above 1KHz..

If you are talking about pumping power into the mains, there are a
growing number of standards that cover this kind of grid linked
interface. Google some terms.

Weak-Grid, micro-grid, nanogrid, distributed generators, grid
interconnections standard, grid-conected inverter.

The instances where client a would be expected to produce exactly
3.00KW into a distribution node are infinitessimal. Thats not how it
works. The 'generator' has a reference frequency and phase, with
acceptible distortion limits.

Running voltage sources in parallel requires compensation, if only
the crudest of sharing chokes. If the load on the two sources is
nonlinear, it's not the responsibility of just one of those sources to
compensate, it's a shared responsibility. Under those cicumstances,
your generator should probably be configured to act as a sinusoidal
current source, locked to the grid frequency, as there's no way your
own impedance will match the capability of the larger utility.


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