Re: Endurance International

On Sep 17, 1:36 am, John Fields <jfie...@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I've noticed that a lot, if not all, of the Nigerian scams reach my
email via Endurance International and while I've sent headers and
messages to them regarding their irresponsibility in curtailing that
kind of activity, I've received no responses and the shit just keeps
coming through.

If you are so sure that they are rogue why are you accepting anything
relayed from their servers?

I have added various dodgy open relay servers in Korea and Taiwan to
my reject list. Although these days my ISP does a good job of blocking
spam at their external boundary using Cloudmark. Treacle traps are fun
to watch.

What say you all?

Analyse the headers and find a rule to block them whilst still letting
genuine email through.

I can't recall when a Nigerian scam email last arrived here.
You haven't actually fallen for one and ended up on a mugs list have

Martin Brown