OT: Help getting my video to work

So far, i am forced to use the SVGA driver which Win98SE does not like either, and restore 800x600 16 colors which is the best i have been able to do so far.
Now, the motherboard has its own video chip, disabled in the BIOS so that the video card can work.
But it seems that Nvidia drivers do not see the GeForce 8400GS daughter board, and so stops looking when it sees the motherboard chip (unknown type so far).
The NV8269 driver does support the GeForce board in Win88SE, but does not see it and if forced, does not give anything better than 640x480 16 colors (ugh!).
By using an old DOS version of AMIDIAG i found that VESA mode 103 (600x800 256 colors) *is* supported.
But the universal driver from Anapa Corp, giving VBE Miniport SVGA etc types of support *also* does not give anything better than 640x480 16 colors (ugh!).
So, i am back to the WinDoze SVGA driver.
Now, there is UNIVBE.DRV which i could try, but how does one tell the driver to "default" to mode 103?
Or do i continue to bumble along, load it "plain" and HexSpearmint?
Any suggestions?