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Can anyone tell me, who are the currently preferred "economy" PCB
manufacturers operating online with worldwide postal delivery?

Basic doubled sided. Less than 100 x 100mm in size.

Small runs: 10-25 pcs.

No overlay or mask. Cheap but nice.



Used by myself and others here. No problems, quality & service is good.
Communications is good. I have bought thousands of boards from them with no problem.
12 day delivery standard, overlay and mask no charge.

Same here. Word of advice.... forget 'No solder mask' and 'no overlay'.
You'll only save a few pennies.
I used to use pcbexpress in the USA for small runs ( without mask/overlay
cos it was cheaper) then I found pcbcart....
They have on-line price calculator and shipping calculator so you will know
exactly the cost, less Duty,Vat,Customs Clearance in your country.....