Resetting MSF radio-controlled clock after refitting hands.


Can anyone tell me the secret of how to reset a ZEON TECH MSF radio-
controlled clock after removing the hands to lubricate a sticky
mechanism and then replacing them?

The clock mechanism is marked UTS MSF Radio Control and runs on a
single AA cell. When first purchased, the fitting of the AA battery
caused the clock to motor round until it eventually displayed the
correct time, but when I now power it up it does that again but the
final time displayed is inaccurate. This is obviously because I don't
know what time the mechanism thinks it is and therefore cannot put the
hands back in the correct places.

If a small label in the top left hand corner of the mechanism is
removed, two pins are visible so I guess that after manufacture the
setting of the time must involve fitting the hands to a known time
(EXACTLY mid-day maybe ?) and then doing something involving linking the
pins but, so far, I have been unable to find the correct way to set, and
maintain, an accurate time display.

Any ideas anyone?

TIA - Dave

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