Re: Any not-very-expensive SOIC to DIP adapters

From: nospam (nospam_at_nospam.invalid)
Date: 10/07/04

Date: Thu, 07 Oct 2004 03:11:40 +0100

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>> >> Dead-bug style construction with SOIC's is perfectly feasible. After all
>> >> the lead spacing is only 0.050 inches, which is just the same as a TO-92,
>> >> and you do those all the time, right?
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>> >If you are terminally myopic and have not a caffeinated neuron in your body:
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>> Wow... those are lovely.
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>> Rich Webb Norfolk, VA
>Vero Corp used to sell wiring pens. I got two I use for different size wire.
>The tip is a problem though, and I like the idea of putting a drafting pen tip
>on the barrel. You can't get the little wire combs anymore, so I use 4lb.
>Monofilament fishing line to "stitch" the wires on the board when I am done
>wiring and testing.

I used to sew with that wire, you can get 500g rolls cheap, slightly
heavier gauge is better for sewing.

On vero board leave two holes for each pin, all wiring is on the component
side. Thread a couple of feet on a needle, go down one hole and up the
other for each node in a net. At the end of a net leave a loop on the
component side and start the next net. When you run out of wire solder all
the nodes then break off the between net loops with tweezers.

Very fast.