Re: power mosfet without diode ?

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> > exxos wrote:
> >> Subject says it all really, each power mosfet I find has a internal
> >> diode, anyone suggest and 100V 10A devices without diode ? Nobosy seems
> >> to make um like that :-\
> >
> > MOSFET's don't handle spikes. The diode is to protect from spikes in the
> > opposite direction of the applied voltage, when using coils and such.
> > is this a problem for you?
> >
> Becasue as per my other post, I am using one to soft start a supply rail,
> the problem is when the mosfet turns off, the smoothing capacitor's charge
> is flowing though the diode and keeping the mosfet from turning off..... I
> guess I will just have to block the reverse voltage with another diode..

or perhaps two mosfets in series with one "backwards"?