Re: ethernet networking problem


it's ip addr range is

yesterday i did'nt open the dsl only the local are network. but today
when i open the router and dsl modem, the other station immediately got
default gateway in them and automatically connected to the internet.
They all recognize each other now when viewed in the network
neighborhood. i don't know tommorrow. what might be the reason?
you know, i spent my day testing the utp cable betwen hubs and station
using my tester and their is always continuity. no problem on cable.
But it displays only itself on the network neighborhood. other
stations are not displayed. therefore, it is not also recognized by
other stations.What could be the solution to this problem.

by the way, i am a newbie. a first timer in managing a simple
networking system.- sorry bout my questions but i appreciate greatly
any ideas that come coz it helps me improved. thank you so much!!!