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Trying to find a 1K linear taper "mini" potentiometer WITH dpst switch.
Seems everybody makes this part with only a spst switch, at least in
America. If anyone could give me the manufacturer (and maybe part #) for
such a component, I would be forever grateful. I did find a distributer
such a part in the UK, but the export tarriffs killed me. And that
distributer doesn't divulge supplier information on their merchandise.

Any help would be appreciated...

Houston TX, USA Part# 286660CM 1K, 1/5W, 16mm

Hey, cool! I ordered a catalog so I'll be ready next time. Unfortunately I
decided I was going to have to find another way around this particular rock,
and figured out how to use a DPDT relay to work with my current
configuration and get what I needed. Thanks for the link and info though.
If anything changes, or I find out my numbers don't work, I'll have it.
Much appreciated.