Re: Wireless Lan

I would like to build the device rather than using a Laptop, Phone, Pocket
Pc etc. using modules possibly.
Will try and fit it into as small an enclosure as possible andl write the
software with some help.
"jcomeau_ictx" <john.comeau@xxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
On Jun 8, 1:33 am, "Syd" <sydce...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:
I to want to input an RS232 Serial or USB signal into a wireless device
be received by a PC on a 802.11 wireless network.
The wireless device should be portable and be battery operated.
Does anyone have a circuit or is there a commercial module that can do

A linksys WUSB54G might work. You'll need to do some programming, or
have it done for you, though. There are open-source (Linux) drivers
for its Ralink chipset. It gets its power off the USB port, wouldn't
that work as well as batteries? There's also the BGW200 module, but
that's even more work.