Re: Homebrew radar?

Don Bowey <dbowey@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
As I recall, you posted this elsewhere and got many responses.
--None really useful

Do it at least a bit better this time, by posting exactly WHAT the display
device should be, how should the echo be presented on the display, an idea
of what resolution is wanted, the physical constraints such as weight size,
over what range of azimuth must it work, any primary power constraints? You
say "RADAR, but do you also wish to consider ultrasonic? Do you have the
ability to read and construct from a schematic without requiring Heathkit
type guidance?
--Yes, dear.. Shooting in the dark at the moment because it's just
an idea at present but I suppose ideal output would be to a laptop computer
display. The problem is to image pedestrians, bicyclists and other vehicles
within a range of, say, 400ft, that may stray across my route, so figure a
cone of view of maybe 45 degrees either side of centerline. Resolution: if I
can see a pedestrian as any sort of blob on the display that's good enough.
Weight isn't an issue as it'll be mounted on a vehicle; i.e. a hundred
pounds of stuff is acceptable. Power would come from a 12-v car battery or I
could use a 2kw genny. Ultrasonic might be doable but again I haven't got a
clue, which is why I'm asking questions! Yes, I could build from schematics;
I'm a machinist by trade so I can also fab most anything in the way of
mechanisms needed for the project. The goal is to come up with something
that could be released into the wild so that anyone in this predicament who
desired such a system could build their own. What have I left out?

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