Re: MM5453N LCD ??

I think I have it figured out. The Lowe HF-235 radio can tune up to
X29.999MHz, where X is used as a status indicator and driven by an
exclusive-or gate. For display of frequency the leading or most significant
digit of the five can only be a one or a two. For a one bits 31 and 32
drive segments b and c. Segments a,d,e,g are tied together and bits 31 and
33 would make a 2. So if I'm using the correct terminology the 5453 is
driving a 4 1/2 digit display that has 6 digits where X is driven by another
chip and the next digit can only be a one or a two.
So I need to find a 6 digit LCD with 50 pins that match. Any ideas

"Henry Kolesnik" <kolesnik@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
> This is for a Lowe receiver made in th eUK. Lowe played some tricks and
> I'm still trying to figure out how they did it but the HF-225/235 can
> display frequencies up to 29.999Mhz and show limited status on the first
> digits using selected segments using a 5453. which can control 33
> segments.
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> 73
> Hank WD5JFR
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>>> I looking for a 12.5 mm, 6 digit ( 7 segment) LCD or LED with 50 pins to
>> be
>>> driven by a MM5453N. I understand that this is late 80s early 90s
>>> technology and woul like to know if anyone knows of a surplus house that
>> has
>>> one or any individual that can sell me one.
>>> 73
>>> Hank WD5JFR
>> MM5453 is a N.S. 4 1/2 digit LCD driver
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