Re: Hiding oscilloscope serial number on eBay

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>> > Why don't you ask the seller and see what his response is.
>> > Maybe he doesn't want anybody to copy the serial number !
>> "copy the s/n"? For what purpose?
>> I suspect the scope could be stolen.I see no reason to hide the s/n.
>> Tektronix maintains a stolen instrument database for their
>> products,call TEK security to find out about a particular unit,or to
>> report one stolen.
> I think it much more likely that the unit pictured is not the actual
> unit for sale. If it were stolen it'd be easy enough for the recipient
> to find out anyway.

The seller could easily state in the product's description that the
pictured S/N is not the exact one that is for auction.
Buying a TEK scope,I would want to know the S/N of the unit I am
considering,as some TEK instruments have S/N breaks where it really
matters.It also gives me an idea of the age of the instrument.
(date codes from internal parts are more precise,though.)

And how would a potential buyer find out if any Ebay item is stolen?
Where does one go to check this?
AFAIK,there's not national DB of stolen goods that civilians can access.

I know some police cruise Ebay looking for stolen goods,but that's a mainly
local and not widespread practice.

Jim Yanik