Re: More Rice Cooker Failures

Check the power label on the cooker to make sure that it is rated for your
mains line voltage and mains frequency.

Contact the dealer who sold you the rice cookers and tell them about the
problem you are having.


Personally, I would prefer to use a good old fashioned pot on the stove to
cook my rice. It is usually much less of a problem this way...



"Sylvia Else" <sylvia@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
I've worked my way through four rice cookers, two different brands, in
as many months. The failure mode is consistent - the cooker cooks the
rice, and then fails when it goes into the mode where it keeps the rice

In each case, it seems that the temperature sensitive fuse has blown.

I'm in Australia, where the nominal mains voltage is 240V, but I
actually get more like 250V. I'm trying to figure out whether this can
really explain these multiple failures. The warming mode involves having
an extra component in series with the heating element. I speculate that
it is a capacitor, though if it is, its value is less than my multimeter
will measure.

Anyone have any thoughts on whether these things really run so close the
edge in warming mode that a 4% overvoltage can kill them?