Re: Seeking Old Overlay for Quantum Hard Disk Drive

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> I have a portable Compaq 386 computer I use for data logging.
> It uses a standard size HDD. Before I removed a Quantum 750M
> HDD from an old desktop PC, I partitioned it with two partitions, one
> 520M and the remainder was used for the second partition. Each
> partition was formatted and a MSDos 6.2 OS installed. Of course,
> the 520M partition is the "active" partition. I removed the HDD and
> installed it in the 386 computer. The BIOS cannot "see" the second
> partition. I have searched the web for older overlays, but I couldn't find
> any. Note: A new overlay will not "run" in this old 386 computer.

Partitions are not handled by the BIOS. They are handled by the
operating system.

Many older BIOS's had a 512M limit. If you search around, you might be
able to find an older overlay that will work with 386's. Some older
overlay programs worked by creating a non-standard extended partition,
so you might have to re-create that. Disk Manager (often called Disk
Mangler) was the big name back then.

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