Re: LG DVC6500 behaves like 'stop' button pressed with DVD

On 9/30/2005 1:19:03 PM, "HandyMan" wrote:
>This DVD/VCR combo came in dead. Trouble was IC101 blown in the PSU
>circuit, an ICE2B265 SMPS control IC, and C108 - 33uF, 25V - was
>bulging and leaking.
>All worked fine after replacement parts inserted, but at one point the
>AV channel on the TV set started flicking rapidly between AV and the
>last channel it had been on, as though the control voltage telling the
>set that a SCART device was connected was switching on and off. I
>thought maybe the SCART had some bad joints, so I took the tape deck
>out and then the mainboard beneath it. No bad joints and problem has
>not since recurred.
>Trouble is, since I did that - although i have checked for dry-joints
>and cable contacts being clean and correctly inserted, etc. - it won't
>play DVD discs properly, although tape deck operation is fine.
>Upon insertation of the DVD, it goes to the language selection screen
>as usual, and after selection, it gives the copyright notice. At this
>point it should now show the silly nonsense logo of the film creator
>and eventually take you to the proper DVD menu from where you can then
>select to play the film. But, it's not doing this. Right after the
>copyright notice, it goes to the screen which comes up when 'stop' is
>pressed. In fact, it actually shows the stop/pause icons (this is
>normal for one press of stop. A second press causes just the stop icon
>to appear and you can now no longer press play again and return to
>where you were in the film) and if you press play, it tries to for a
>second but then shows the stop/pause icon again, as though you
>immediately pressed stop after pressing play.
>Incidentally, this is all being done by the remote, but I have ruled
>the remote out of the equation completely and satisfactorily. I can't
>use the actual panel buttons as some kind of child-lock is on and if
>the buttons are pressed, the display simply shows 'Safe' for a few
>moments. I haven't got the original remote so can't turn child-lock
>off. Only the front panel eject buttons and stop button for the DVD and
>tape deck work whilst this lock is on.
>The fault seems to be worse at times, reacting as though the stop
>button has been pressed twice (only stop icon shows on the screen). No
>heating or pressing of the PCB affects this fault, though. If I press
>'play' on the remote, however, when it's reverted by itself to
>stop/pause mode, and keep the button pressed, the disc will play as
>usual, until the moment I stop pressing the play button, whereupon it
>reacts as though the stop button is still being pressed.
>I'm puzzled and I cannot find anything like this fault for any DVD or
>DVD VCR combo, and no service manual!
>Someone please help and I'd be very appreciative,
>Many thanks,

I mused for a second with the thought that maybe you need to set the region code of the DVD player again for one reason or another. I now figure this unlikely because any DVD player should ask the user to set the region code if it does not find it. However you may want to check how to set the region code.

On the other hand your story so far definitely jives with a bad PSU; there is relatively little CPU usage or reading of the disc to display still images such as FBI warnings, but one would expect a lot more activity for loading a menu or a movie.

- NRen2k5