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> >Hi Folks:
> > I have two Sharper Image Ionic Breeze units. These worked good
> >when they worked. One broke about a year after I bought it, the second
> >broke just recently. Actually, they both seem to be making high
> >voltage, but now neither are moving air. I suspect the rectifier
> >diodes in the transformers are shorted. They both just hiss. The last
> >working unit hissed and pumped air, but now it just hisses, like the
> >other one. I'm hunting for a supplier for a replacement transformer.
> >Also, is it me or do these things suck when it comes to reliability?
> >;-) I did run them 24/7.
> >
> >Thanks Folks!
> >Harry
> >
> If the diodes are shorted, I would think a 10KV would
> work. Ionizers usually run up over 5KV. DC Ionic breezes
> can be measured. A Neon lamp with a dual electrode wand
> flashes as electrons are collected. A digital DC voltmeter
> can also be used. Hold one probe with one hand, hold
> the other NEAR but not touching the device. The voltage
> will increase as charges are collected. If it putting out AC,
> there will be no charge collected. I've had trouble lately
> looking for suppliers of suitable transformers. Ozone
> generators use AC, not DC.

They may need to be fast recovery/high frequency diodes.

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