Re: Sony PVW-2600 format question.

"David Farber" <farberbear.unspam@xxxxxxx> wrote:

>I received this Sony PVW-2600 in for repair with the complaints of no video,
>audio plays too fast. The machine looks like it has hardly been used. The
>only beta tapes I have were recorded back in the 80's and were recorded in
>either beta II or beta III format. I tried those tapes and it does play too
>fast with no video display. Cleaning the stationary control(?) head didn't
>help. Does this machine have the capability to play back those beta II,
>III, tapes or should I ask the owner for some sample tapes?

PVW machines are not beta-MAX they are beta-CAM which is a broadcast
standard component recording format. If there was a fault causing
those symptoms you would be getting error messages (it is a
sophisticated machine), sounds like your customer is trying to play
beta max tapes - it's not going to happen.

Vic Thomas