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> > In the '70s, some makers changed to phosphors that gave a brighter
> > picture but an orange rather than a true red. And these could never
> > give decent flesh tones.
> >

> It was earlier than that. They changed from a magnesium fluorogermanate
> phosphor to a yttrium vanadate. The fluorogermanate did produce a very
> nice red, but brightness was far too low compared to modern CRTs. The
> same phosphors were used on coated mercury vapor lamps, the former is
> denoted /C while the latter, which came out in the mid 60's is /DX.

In the UK we didn't have colour TV in the mid '60s. ;-) But the first
generation sets here with 19 and 25" shadow mask tubes used the original
NTSC phosphors. The rot started with PIL types.

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