Re: Before I throw this X-10 lamp module away... Success!

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A bulb blue-flashed failed in my lamp controlled by a
standard X-10 lamp module, the result being that now
the module when turned off only goes to half-brightness,
both by dimming and by commanding OFF via the remote. I
don't have money to buy another one, but may have the
ability to fix this one if it's a known failure mode
and replacement parts are in my giant bin-O-parts.

Anyone know enough about these to offer pointers or


Google it.


Thanks, I would (given my luck) spent a couple of days
googling before I stumbled across a repair. Now to find
a triac.

You can get one at Radio Shack, if you can't find one there, email me
and I'll send you one.

Success!!! I had a dead wall switch module, it quit responding to
the remote a long time ago. I looked at it and it had a triac
similar to the one in the lamp module. It was BTA10 400C, and the
lamp module triac was marked BTA10 600C. It took some finagling
the leads because the center lead was bent opposite on the wall
switch compared to the lamp module, but after getting it in it
worked perfectly. Thanks a bunch, folks!

One thing that goes wrong with the WS modules (a couple of things, actually) is that the cutoff switch, below the push button, gets tweaked out. Either the contacts get dirty or the switch just gets forgotten.

There's a small gauge wire jumper on the board that sometimes goes kablooey as well. I believe it's meant to be a sort of fuse, but I've never seen reference to it anywhere. I've brought a couple of those back to life by simply replacing it with similar gauge wire.