Re: Identifying Scrap Metal in old VCR's

If you were to get a few lbs of metal, is it worth all that trouble? You
must have a lot of time on your hands. If you were to have the metal
transported by carrier or public mail, you should check their rates since
they go by volumetric weight. You will find that the cost of the shipping
would be far more expensive than the scrap metal value of what you are

There is very little cast aluminum used in home appliances. The VCR heads
are aluminum, and the main chassis may be of cast aluminum in a few models.
You may get a few lbs of mixed types of metals from a single VCR.



"Chris F." <zappymanNOSPAM@xxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Every spring, as I do my cleaning, I take the time to strip the metal from
all the old appliances I discard. I remove the aluminum parts and strip
anything that may be attached to them. The recycler paid me about $.50/lb
for the aluminum last time, but looking around on the net I see there are
many different grades of recyclable aluminum. In particular, one type called
Cast Aluminum was listed for over $2 /lb! I'm wondering if VCR heads and
cylinders qualify as cast aluminum. How about heat sinks from old TV's? And
finally, what about the pieces of brass that the VCR rotary heads screw
into, what would these be classified as?
Thanks for any advice. I'd like to be sure I'm not getting cheated the
next time I take a load of stuff to the recycler......

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