Re: Zenith TV fried from overvoltage A32B41W

On Sat, 8 Apr 2006 04:10:06 +0100, EJohnson
<EJohnson.25xhqb@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:

Hello everyone,

I have a Zenith 32" Model# A32B41W TV that fried from higher input
voltage; someone miswired a receptical and instead of 120 volts the TV
received 240V!!! Lots of smoke filled the living room when the power
was restored.

I took the TV set apart and found two visible blown components...
1. The line fuse (Alot good this thing did to protect the circuit
2. 470uF 200V Electrolytic capacitor "was bloated" (located next to the
transformer, this is what smoked)

So I changed those two out with identical replacements...still doesn't
turn on. I like to try to fix this TV; there are no
nearby repair shops in my town anyways. Can someone with more
experience please tell me what else to look for and test or replace?
What else in the power supply section would burn up from this incident?

Thank you for any help possible;

I am not familiar with this chassis...linear or switching supply?