Re: Stronger solder?

No there isn't a better way than solder.

Even if you used a F81 or F61 connector and bolted it down to the
tuner, the frame of the tuner would pull away, from the forces
involved. Been there done that.

Use a push on adapter, these suckers will pull right out and won't mess
up the tuner connector.

I've soldered RCA jacks to the tuner and used a RCA to F adapter, it
pulls out too.

F connector right angle adapters will take the force of the heavy
cables off the connector.

To solder to a tuner case you need a good non corrosive flux, works
real well with low wattage irons. Sal-Met is the brand I have used. The
resin(flux) in wire solder isn't good for soldering to cases like

asdf asdf wrote:
Hi, i'm trying to repair my TV. The coax cable adaptor broke off, and i'm
trying to reattach it. I've tried soldering it, like i've soldered many
other things, but this does not seem strong enough to hold it in place. Is
there a better solder, or a better method of reattaching it? It needs to be
pretty strong because the tv coax cables are pretty thick and not very
flexible. Any suggestions would be appreciated!