Re: Klipsch KSW10 transformer

Steve Walker wrote:
I need a replacement power transformer for this unit. The numbers on the transformer are 042-010078-000. Underneath this is ELY 0241. It also has a sticker marked H.P. Two blue input wires, center tapped outputs, outer two yellow, inner one white. Outputs measure 1.5 ohms to center, both sides, and 3.0 ohms outer. Input side is open. Can anyone recommend a source? Klipsch will not talk to me, as I'm not an authorized repair center, just a home guy fixing his own stuff. It was given to me free, and I'd like to fix it. It doesn't appear to be cooked, as the lacquer is not burnt, and no burnt smell.

Some transformers use to have a fuse embedded in the primary winding. This was usually visible as a big lump near the outside of the winding. If you can't get a response from Klipsch try talking to an authorized repair center/dealer. Some won't want to talk to you either or want you to bring the unit in, but you might find one who would sell you a replacement OR look at the schematic and tell you what the secondary voltage is so you could get a generic replacement. Good luck