Re: Power Surge & Blown Fuses

efrain.ramirez@xxxxxxxxx wrote:
We had a power surge, a rather large one. It trip most of the breakers
in our panel and al surge protectors trip. All but one TV did not power
up again. The electrician who came in to check our panel(wanted to make
sure everything was ok) stated that most of the TV's fuses did their
jobs and that I should just open and replace them.

Not too sure, but I did open one of them, Toshiba 14" 14AF46 (< 6
months old) and the fuse where the power comes into the board was
blown. It is a 125V/6.3A. My background is with computer boards from a
PC side and not with TV's. Before I go and waste my time and make the
repair more costly, could it be as simple as replacing the fuse? If so,
where would one normally purchase these fuses, not a common type.

The only TV that turns on still is a Sony KV-36XBR250. The image is
black and gray(can't really say white) and everything looks like a
hazy, reversed, indented images. The sound is fine. Is this TV toast?
Better to trash and replace?

I have replaced fuses before on two older tv's several years back, but
I am not sure about this newer TV.

Any advice is greatly appreciated.

ER -

Replace the fuse *once* with one of the *correct* rating and try it. If it blows again then you have further damage.

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