Re: opening attachment

"David Nebenzahl" <nobody@xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote in message
Jonesy82 spake thus:

haveing trouble opening my e-mail with attachment most of them are from
friends that i know and know that they are safe. help please, thank in

Maybe you should try using something better than Outhouse Express to read

I never have trouble opening attachments with Outlook Express. For most
people that I know that do have trouble, the reason is either that their ISP
blocks attachments of the particular type that they can't open, or that the
ISP drops them because they exceed the size of the allocated mailboxes on
their servers.

If you want to be confident of the safety of incoming mail, and indeed any
that you are sending out, I would suggest that you put AVG free version from
Grisoft on your machine. This excellent anti-virus software checks all mail
on the fly, and auto updates from its home site every day.