Re: How do I check a 12V AC Transformer?

Thank you very much for your quick reply! I just did exactly that and I
got a reading of
00.43 v

What the heck does that mean? thanks much

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I have an overhead, ceiling-mounted,.tracklighting system which
consists of six 35W Halogen lights on a 9-foot track with a canopy
type, in-line transformer which is marked: I/P: AC120V-60Hz 1.5A, O/P:
AC 12V 50-230W. Been working fine for 2 years but suddenly died. After
making sure all connections were tight and of course checking the AC
input side (which was OK) I removed the transformer which contains 2
wires (black/white) going in and 2 wires (Red, larger gauge) coming
out. I just don't know how to check the output of the transformer to
see if I'm getting 12VAC out? Do I just put my test probes across the
two red wires? Or one at a time to a ground? Can anyone help me on
this. Thank you very much. (As you can see, I know very little about
electronics!)Across the two red leads.
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