Re: Buffing Scratches Off A CRT Glass.

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OK, I have this nice TV that has a couple of small scratches on the
glass. Is there a safe way to buff out the scratch? Normally it would
not be a problem, but this set will be used for a close up application,
and it's really irrating at the required distance I need to use it from.

- Tim -

I think I would use an optical epoxy to fill in the scratch,not try to
polish it out.Scratches are kinda dangerous in CRTs as they provide a start
for cracks,like you would do for "cutting" glass;scribing it.

Say,have you seen those TV ads (USA) for the product to fill in scratches
on eyeglasses? WalMart carries it,in their pharmacy section where the
eyedrops are located.AND,it sells for less than what the TV source sells
it! "As seen on TV"....

It might be worth a try.

$15 USD,IIRC Opti-Clear is the name,or something similar.

It is also carried by Walgreens,I believe.

Yes I have been looking at that kind of stuff since reading the reply
that suggested water glass. I am also shopping around for a windshield
repair kit, which is kinda the same technology.

I think that kind of fix would be much better and safer than polishing
or buffing.

Thanks to all whom replied to my question. I'll post the results when I
make the repair.

- Tim -