Re: Unable to put the back the cover of my timex watch

To put the cover back on by hand takes some skill, very strong hands,
and practice. Some people use a vice or a channel locks. I have seen
watches damaged doing that.

When putting back a watch cover, take care that some are keyed, and
only fit in a particular direction. If you have an alarm in the watch,
in some models the cover has to fit a specific way. In many of these
watches, there is a contact spring that sometimes pops out when the
cover is removed. make sure you did not loose this spring. If you did,
the alarm will no longer work.

The jeweler uses a watch case press fit tool for this purpose. They
have a set of dies for the different size watch case combinations. The
watch is fitted between the two dies, and then the tool presses down
to press fit the cover and the body of the watch back together.

Take the watch to a local jeweler if you cannot get the cover back on.
Most will do it for free. Some will charge a few dollars. While you
are doing this, it may pay to change the battery if it is more than a
year old.

Jerry Greenberg

On Jul 3, 11:17 am, "Maria.Cristina.Gal...@xxxxxxxxx"
<Maria.Cristina.Gal...@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

My Timex watch fell to the floor and the back cover came out. I have
tried to put it back with a hammer covered with some clothes without
trying to put too much force on it to no avail. I think I am missing
either the right tool or the right technique. The cover doesn't have
screws. I'd appreciate any suggestion that might save me the trip to
the watchmaker.