need source of sprague powerlytic 1600 uf 200vdc cap

I am working on my daughters Marantz 1977 player piano. I've got some ac
type buzz in the 170 volt dc solenoids. I figure that the filter cap is bad
(Sprague suggests 1000 hour life span, so 1977 to 2007 that's 30 years, so
1000 divided by 30 = 33 hours per year,, bet its got more then that, not to
mention just the drying effects of age!!!) I've tried to find them, new, but
can seem to get the internet to work for me today.... So what vendors would
you all suggest?????

here are the details of the cap

7834l 3104
made in the USA.

I am guessing that 78341 is a date code, Interesting that the sales slip on
the piano is 1977....

Thanks in advance
Bob in phx.