Re: Selenium rectifier testing ?

Tim Schwartz schrieb:

N Cook wrote:
In a valve Dansette Bermuda of early 60s
Been in a loft for years.
The mains wiring is perished and other wiring looks dodgy so testing some
things cold first.
Using 9V battery and 300 ohm dropper shows near enough 9V over the
rectifier, how high V do you have to go with a good one to check it ?
Are there safety grounds anyway for changing to a 1N4007 or so ?
Single element rectifier
Siemens lazy S logo
Made in Germany
Kc 0.6e 11/16


Take another look at the number. Might it be "B250C50"?

"B" stands for _B_rücken-Gleichrichter (bridge rectifier), whereas
"E" stands for _E_inweg-Gleichrichter (half-wave rectifier).

250: rated voltage = 250 V
"C" stands for _c_apacitive load.
50: rated current with capative load = 50 mA