Re: Advice on repairing NAD 7150 Receiver

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Hi all!

I am trying to repair an old NAD 7150 Stereo Receiver. The problem is
that there is no sound on the speaker output. Does anyone have a
service manual for this one?

Anyway, I have performed basic troubleshooting and found out the

Input stage seems to work fine. Audio source connected to AUX as well
as tuner comes through to Tape 1 output when selected.
There is no sound on the headphone output.
When turning volume to max there is a faint sound of the correct audio
source on both speaker outputs and headphone output.

It seems to me that the output stage is broken. How could I proceed if
I don't find the service manual?

Rasmus Bonnedal

Before doing anything else, check the rear panel for a set of loop thru'
connectors for going out to a sound processor of some description. They are
usually 4 x RCA phono type sockets, and may be marked either "Processor" or
"Pre out - Main in" or something very similar. There is often a thick bar
silk-screened between them to indicate that they should be linked. Very
often, an amplifier will arrive on the bench with exactly the symptoms you
describe, and the original factory-fitted linking bars missing. Usually, the
person is a 'new' owner who has picked the item up second hand, and doesn't
realise that the sockets need to be linked. If you find it to be the case on
this one, all you need is a short stereo RCA to RCA lead, to patch them back