Re: Dell W3000 Problem with Power Supply

On Thu, 14 Aug 2008 17:01:00 +1000, Franc Zabkar
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This unit does have powering on issues.

Can you tell me which vendor is offering a replacement?


This supplier is offering an exchange logic board for US$150:

The symptoms are:

Power, Sound But No Picture
Have to press power button numerous times to get a picture
Power, Picture But no Audio Output

Not the same as yours, but it seems to be a common problem. I'd still
be looking around the power supply area, though, before taking a
chance on the logic board. If you do go for the board, I'd be keen to
know what the fix is.

The same supplier is also offering a PS for $120:

- Franc Zabkar
I have two W3000's and one of them has had the problem since day one.
It usually comes on first try, but often requires two tries. On one
occasion, it took 12 tries. Anyway, my guess (and I stress the word
guess) is that the backlight takes about 5 or 6 seconds to fire and
they have some logic that gives up if the backlight hasn't lit after a
certain amount of time. Unfortunately, some backlights takes just
about the same amount of time as the timer allows. If the timer
expires before it lights, the logic gives up and turns it off.
(Occasionally, it lights just as the logic turns it off so I see a
flash of picture). In other words, the only real problem is the
length of the timer. I have no idea if the timer is implemented in
firmware of some sort but it is frustrating to know a simple change of
a timer could fix the whole problem. My other W3000 (a year older and
therefore a lot more expensive has never failed once.) The problem
one was purchased "on sale" right before they stopped making them.