Royal Alpha 9170 Cash Register manual?

Hello all...

A friend of mine found a Royal Alpha 9170 cash register (rather
optimistically described as a "cash management system" from the
printing on the case). They tinkered with it and then asked me for
help in setting it up. (I have no idea where they got the idea that
I'd know anything about this. All I've ever done is repair this, that
and the other thing for them... :-) )

It's been sitting unused and the little NiCad battery on the main
board was depleted, so the programming has been lost. (Perhaps even
more amazingly, the battery has come up after letting the register sit
for a few days while plugged inand is in great physical condition.)

So now it needs to be programmed with the time, date and tax rate.
Maybe later it would be nice to program departments, clerks and stuff
like that. I've given this a few tries now and haven't really gotten
anywhere. The manuals currently available for other registers on the
Royal web site just aren't close enough, and I've tried a lot of them
to be sure. Royal was no help when contacted, they claimed to not have
the manual on file. I've even looked around to see if I could find
someone selling a manual, and I came up empty handed when I tried.

So now I thought I'd ask here, and see if anyone might have such a
manual? I'd gladly throw in a few bucks for even a decent photocopy of