Re: Global Warming and what you can do to against it

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There are also some skeptics with "more than a grade school
education in science" in your country, Trevor. A very interesting
article entitled "Global Warming - Don't Wait up" appeared in a
newspaper here in the UK last week. Written by a chap called Ian
Plimer, a professor of geology at the University of Adelaide.

Nice. Amazingly sane. The problem is that one can't get any research
funding for expounding the obvious and simple historical logic.

**Bollocks. Plimer is making a fortune from his fictional account. The
fossil fuel industry is very wealthy and pays people to lie. Here is the
example of just how wealthy it is:

And where are these supposed climate change scientists getting their
money? It is from government or other institutional grants and they
just have to keep those grants coming in or else they lose their worth
to the universities they work for.

Some of the "stolen" emails included just how much money they've been
taking in.