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How does one lube a sealed pot?

I have several instruments and two scanners that use rectangular
shaped, sealed potentiometers. For example, this is an SSI/Wavetek
3000b service monitor that has about 10 of these pots on the front
After about 30 years use, all the pots (and I do mean all) are
intermittent. In a non-sealed pot, it's easy enough to clean and
lubricate it with some contact cleaner. Not these sealed pots. I've
tried my home made adapter over the threads to pump oil under pressure
into the pot. That sorta works for the first pot, but many of these
pots are multi-section. If they were screwed together, I would try
tearing one apart, but these use rivets. I might also be tempted to
replace the pots, but there are just too many of them.

So, how does one lube one of these abominations? Drill a hole in the
side somewhere? Where?

As a friend's father used to say, "I've never been intimidated by a
rivet." Drill them out, replace with screws to reassemble.

easier said than done.

Umm, did the op say he was putting OIL in the pots ??
That should settle the matter :-)

I now use Radio Shack's tuner cleaner/lube 64-4315

it contains mineral oil.

Jim Yanik
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