Re: long wire antenna

On Mar 6, 8:17 am, klem kedidelhopper <captainvideo462...@xxxxxxxxx>
A customer lives in an apartment house on the 17th floor. He wants to
use an old Hallicrafters AM and SW radio. He cannot put up a long wire
antenna in the conventional way, however he wants to "weave" a sort of
antenna outside on his terrace, sort of like a web, with insulators to
hold the wire in every bend off ground. In this way he hopes to
achieve the length of a long wire antenna in a confined space. Will
this scheme work? The other option would be to hang a 2 X 4 off the
edge of the terrace and drop a wire down with an insulator on it and
hope that he can secure it to a neighbors terrace several floors
below. Anyone have any thought on this problem. Thanks, Lenny

What is the railing on the deck, wood or metal? He needs to keep the
wire aeay from any metal.