Re: Nakamichi CD Player 3 - needs to heat before it's able to read disc

I have a Nakamichi CD Player 3, circa 1992, that is a terrific player, but
requires to be warmed up for about 1.5 hours before it is able to read the
disc; After this point, then it works fine.

I am not sure why the warm up needed, but it is drag when you have to
build in this lead-time into your CD listening.

Why not just leave it on all the time?

You didn't indicate what happens when you load the disk from a cold start.
Does the disk spin up? If so, that suggests it might not be sticky
lubricant. (Phil, when was the last time you saw a consumer-electronics
product with sticky lubricant?)

My gut feeling is that it's an intermittant laser diode.

You might want to read through these postings...

You might also go to JustAnswer. The quality of their response varies, but
they do have some knowledgeable people.

Regardless, this could be the sort of problem that eats up huge amounts of
expensive diagnosis time, to no effect.