Re: the lie of rapid NiMH self-discharge

On Tue, 13 Dec 2011 19:45:07 -0800, Jeff Liebermann <jeffl@xxxxxxxxxx>

This might be of interest:
It's an independent test of the Sanyo Eneloop NiMH batteries including
some self-discharge tests. Unfortunately, he doesn't compare the
results with the non-LSD batteries.

Ok, I lied[1]. There is a comparison. See:
The graph shows the Eneloop battery to be MUCH better at
self-discharge than the conventional NiMH. After 1 year, the Eneloop
retained about 50% of charge, while the conventional NiMH retained
only 2.6%.

[1] I'm suppose to be doing my end of year billing and bookkeeping. I
hate doing billing and am therefore easily diverted. If I go broke,
it's all your fault for creating an interesting diversion.

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