Re: Help fixing moving led sign

carlos martin <takaforo@xxxxxxxxx> wrote:

I have an old (80s I guess) moving led display. It has 3 boards full
of leds and is programmed via a keyboard that connects via serial db9.

Upon startup it would only show squares moving sideways. I replaced
some small battery (3 button batteries stuck together) and then it
would show some letters from other alphabets (accents and circles and
what not), but mostly squares again.

It doesn't respond to any command from the keyboard.

The mainboard has three chips which I guess are processor, ROM and

D8049HC 195

I am about to replace the three of them, but I guess I would need to
find the original ROM to program this.

Can anybody help with this? Can the fault be with the processor or the
RAM and not in the ROM?

is it from cybernetic data products?

check the power supply, or run it from a bench supply. those signs can be
be fussier than you might expect.