Re: Who is talking about Electrolysis???

From: SHECLabs (
Date: 03/16/05

Date: 15 Mar 2005 21:13:41 -0800

Stephen Sprunk wrote:
> "SHECLabs" <> wrote in message
> > Itīs a press release announcing patent application.
> Patent applications are worthless. A couple years ago a kid
> patented how to swing on a swingset. Come back when it's approved
and it's
> withstood a court challenge or two.
> > Your post is the most nonsense I hope to see today. You use words
> > like "googledygook"??? Harvard?? or Yale??. What stupid shit is
> "gobbledygook" is in the dictionary, so it's not "stupid shit" to use
> You, on the other hand, can't even quote correctly. You may wish to
> investigate your email client's "cut and paste" feature.
> > You donīt know what SHEC Labs does and you are too dumb to
> > understand.
> We all know what SHEC Labs does; they're a bunch of capitalists vying
> all the government research handouts they can get before smart people
> in and point out the "Hydrogen economy" is a load of crap. More
power to
> them, as long as they don't commit fraud themselves.
> > Why would they put the patent application anywhere but in the
> > patent office.
> If you want any scientific respect for your findings, you publish
> Since the US patent system is based on "first to file", there is no
harm in
> publishing the details as soon as your application is in.
> > Everything else is a press release to tell the knowledgeable
> > public,
> The public could care less. Press releases are only read by
> analysts and investors, so the goal is to say as little as possible
> hyping up whatever you claim you've done. Knowledgeable people watch
> patent office and courts and ignore whatever comes out of any
corporate PR
> department.
> > (a group in which you are obviously not included) You are Bull
> > Bob, by saying you donīt know what SHEC Labs does, and in the
> > same instance defaming the company. It is American dumb shits like
> > you who are driving the poor country into 3rd World Status. Crawl
> > back in your hole Bob.
> Ah, ad hominem attacks; the last refuge of those with nothing
legitimate to

> say.
> S
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