Re: What's all this Magic Sinewave stuff anyway?

Don Lancaster wrote:
boB wrote:

Then there'es the problem of voltage regulation. By changing the
magic sinwave table to regulate, if that even works, the distortion
would get worse at certain regulation points than that best sequence
with low THD.

Voltage regulation is no problem at all.
In fact, it is one of the foremost best features of magic sinewaves.

While magic sinewaves are normally generated to 100 amplitudes, any desired number of amplitudes can be created with astonishingly low distortions. All depends on how many values you want to store.

Also, the derivatives of the ms functions seem to be continuous, so an interpolation between very nearby values would give comparably ultra-low distortions.

One of the key features of magic sinewaves is the ability to generate hundreds or even thousands of amplitudes from a fixed dc supply. All with astonishingly low distortions of selected harmonics.

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