Re: HHO test

On Jul 17, 2:37 pm, Fred Kasner <fkas...@xxxxxxxxxxxxx> wrote:
Wes Newell wrote:
For those interested, preliminary test of HHO at wptv channel 5 showed a
huge improvement of gas milage on their test vehicle. They have now
conducted a more extensive test and the results will air July 29 and also
be posted on their website.

It can be said without fear of contradiction of anyone who knows the
merest fundamentals of chemical bonding theory and of quantum mechanics
that there is essentially zero probability of there being any such
critter as HHO . A molecule with the structure of  O
                                                   / \
                                                  H   H
is so much more energetically stable that no such compound as HHO which
would have two one electron bonds could be stable enough to be said to

My guess is that by HHO, the OP is actually posting about "Brown's
Gas", which can likely be more accurately described as H2 mixed with

If that's the case, I fear for the future of his engine, because this
particular gas is said to have a very bad "knock" associated with
it! :-)

(Michael Hannon, by virue of his experience, is said to be the
empirical expert on this stuff.)

Harry C.