Re: Home Solar Hydrogen Production

Y wrote:
Hi Guys. . .

I have a hydrogen powered bicycle, and now I want to create my own
Hydrogen from home.

1. I live in Australia with plenty of sun and plenty of water.

Just because you have plenty of both is no reason to irreversibly destroy their exergy with a hydrogen fantasy.

2. I do not want to use batteries, or recharge an electric powered

Why? They are ridiculously more efficient and cost effective than any hydrogen scheme could possibly be.

3. I have loads of money.

You will need loads of money for your health insurance when you blow yourself off the map.

One former SEH poster tried this and took the map of Northern Nevada with them. Failing at an attempt of a combined X prize and a Darwin Award.

Homebrew hydrogen makes NO SENSE WHATSOEVER.

It is beyond monumentally stupid.

Many thanks,

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