Greenpeace founder supports nuclear power

Fascinating! The left-wing Washington Post has published an article --
a mea culpa, really -- by Greenpeace founder Patrick Moore, making the
case for nuclear power, primarily as a way of reducing CO2 emissions.

Mr. Moore parted company with increasingly-extremist Greenpeace some
time ago, but what is interesting is that a reliably left-wing
publication like the Washington Post would take the risk of offending
their readers by publishing this. Read the whole article -- Mr. Moore
also hints that we should be prepared to take military action against
aggressive countries which use peaceful nuclear programs as a cover for
nuclear weapons proliferation.
Going Nuclear: A Green Makes the Case
By Patrick Moore

.... Wind and solar power have their place, but because they are
intermittent and unpredictable they simply can't replace big baseload
plants such as coal, nuclear and hydroelectric. Natural gas, a fossil
fuel, is too expensive already, and its price is too volatile to risk
building big baseload plants. Given that hydroelectric resources are
built pretty much to capacity, nuclear is, by elimination, the only
viable substitute for coal. It's that simple. ...