Re: "Nuclear energy 'not the solution to global warming"

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This isn't desirable when you can produce all your electricity from
nuclear power, and its simply wasteful of coal resources which are
better applied towards synfuel production. You're hard pressed telling
me why Britain and Ireland deserve to burn coal where Shanghai
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For one thing, all of the British nuclear power stations are on the
So they've recently been shitting themselves over the question of
whether sea-level rises will actually render them inoperative within
less than a century.
(Allegedly not, but check the latest posting on 'Real Climate' on
that, which states that 1 meter sea-level rises are a *possibility* by

This is still well outside the projected 40-60 year lifespan of
nuclear plants.

Even in the US, generating all electricity from nuclear power would
require a masssive increases in power stations and re-processing of
nuclear fuel.

Reprocessing isn't required for anything. We have enough uranium
avaliable to last for millenia in the once through cycle alone:

With 10^8 tons of uranium and a 1GW plant requiring some 200 tons per
year, thats enough to last global demand some 1000 years on ore grades
that are currently being mined, and recoverable ore grades of 20ppm
and up would last 20000 1GW reactors some 250000 years.

I know all of your arguments about Pebble Bed reactors, Re-Processing
etc, but arguing for that as a solution simply runs against the grain
of people's experiences with nuclear power so far. I'm all for
investment in fusion research, but the storage and or disposal of
nuclear waste is still an issue that won't go away.

Nuclear waste storage is as easy as sealing it in concrete and
sticking the casks in a lot. This has allways been a solved technical
problem and only been a political issue. Its still far more managable
than the millions of tons of waste from burning coal every year which
churns out several orders of magnitude more radioactive waste from the
fly ash alone directly into the atmosphere.

I've never argued at any time for an anti-coal fundamentalist
position. As I've stated before, a proportion of coal is essential to
an industrialised economy.

Sure. You need it today for steel production and synfuels. Power
production from coal is dirty and wasteful, not to mention completely
unnecissary and subject to fuel price swings.

Coal should be banned from all new power production plants.

The amount of hydrocarbons produced and consumed per year can only be
decided by two things: -

1) A scientific appraisal of what is allowable without triggering
climate changes which will harm humans society and living things on
the planet.
2) An international system of quotas.

This reads like: 'People should be nice to each other.'

Most reasonable people agree with this, it's only vested interests and
stupidity that prevent it being acted on.
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I see your crocodile tears staining your face. One of the vested
interests is the coal lobby.