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Whatever kind of bird it was, it sure had a beautiful, melodious
song. I'm not too familiar with European songbirds, so I couldn't
help you identify it. We have a lot of mockingbirds here. One in
particular that seems to come back to my yard every year for the past
three or four years has learned how to mock eastern blue jays, a
truck backing up (beep, beep, beep...), a telephone ringing, and a
police siren (woo, woo, woo..). That last one is very funny to hear
coming from a bird. I was outside with my grandsons one day and told
them about it, and they didn't believe me. But the bird was on cue
and started his siren call, and they just thought that was the
coolest thing they'd ever heard a bird do. Keep up the good work
with the video.

I found out what kind of bird's on the video (local name kær-sanger).
It has the same way of imitating other birds, but not as apparantly
obknoxious as your mockingbird :o)

Ah yes. A warbbler. That makes sense.

I've felt pushed to upload a couple of holiday-strips of a far worse
quality than they can bear, but to give you a hint of a joyful time,
have a look


Nice. I wondered if there was any fish in those streams. Niced
looking salmon!

Alas, the location for the above salmon-videos is a different one
(Norway) than my local spring-sites.
When I was a child, the grandparents living close by told that, when
/he/ was a child, there was so much salmon that they could cross the
stream on the backs of them. I could do with less, but I don't think
that spawning salmon has been registered lately (in my time). Reclaiming
the upper reaches of the main stream is a step in the right direction.

I'm still pondering on the excessive algal ocurrence in the stream. I
observed scattered patches of the same algae in the norwegian river ...
confined to the edges and not very deep. This mode of ocurrence makes me
think 'light-sensitive' and 'fast-growing' ... the norwegian river has
high changes in watertable (discharge and perhaps tide in the lowest
part where I observed the algae). And I observe that two other local
springs here (one of which you've probably seen) are not pestered ...
probably due to lack of light and perhaps a continous very /fresh/

.. and .. /holy snip/.. I found the original intend of my hdv-editing
programme and is now watching the lot as wall-to-wall razor-sharp video
on a high-resolution monitor. It's an eyes delight. Only problem left is
the dorg behind the camera ;o)

I've uploaded some additional jpgs with reference to the above: Two
images shows spring and late summer waterstand. There's quite a

And for ordinary envy, I've grabbed a frame from one of the videos to
show the level of detail

There's a couple of images of the boxes I've made/used to avoid the
unbelievable price of professional equipment. It's cheep, simple and


That's a pretty cool setup, Carsten.